Pretty in Pink... hmm that was kind of tacky tittle ;P

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here I am with another FOTD for work..
I wanted to do something bright so I chose to do that on my lips.
Eyes are pretty simple, nothing new, maybe just that I am using MAC Hepcat e/s on my lower lash line
but the other colors I have used before here on other FOTD's.. but I love them so much ;D
I also just realized I did not put my water line liner!! off to do that :D

OOOOO! and today I am picking up Bite of an apple blush from the Disney collection!!!!
So excited about that!!!

UDPP ( Original)
UD Shag e/s
MAC Shimmery vanilla color on the Smoke and Mirrors palette
MAC Samoa Silk e/s on crease
MAC Hepcat e/s on lower lashline
MAC Violet Trance  e/s on lower lashline
Buxom Mascara
Maybelline Define a brow pencil

MAC Dollymix

Rimmel Indian pink l/l
MAC Show Orchid l/s

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  1. You look beautiful! I love your pink lips!

  2. Ooooh from Venomous Villains?

    Can't wait for that line!

    Anyways, that pink lipstick is really pretty, too.



  3. So pretty. The lipstick color looks so beautiful on you. :)

  4. Sue, that lip color is made for you!:D Love it!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. @Liloo: Thanks lovely xo
    @Marie: Thanks sweety ;-)
    @Cupcake: Thanks, No, I'm not wearing anything from the new collection, but I want to buy! lol Thank you!!
    @Glamorous Glory: Thanks ;-)
    @Marie: Thanks hun!

  6. @ Jonna: Thanks!
    @Dreamscolorandglitter: Thanks so much ;-)
    @The Beautifier: Thanks lovely!

  7. I like how it's all pinky yet there's no awkwardness involved in the combos... :D You look very beautiful!

  8. Lady in pink, what can I say? :D I think you look fabulous with pink lips!!!

    I've just started experimenting with lipsticks. So excited! :D I always was more like a lipgloss girl. :D

  9. @traveliztera: Thanks!!
    @Susi: I'm glad to hear you are experimenting with colors!! ;-)


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