Let’s pull out those unloved products!

Monday, September 06, 2010

As we all know there are products that we see, fall in love, and then when we get to try them on it was not what we were expecting..

I am sure that lots of us have a way too sheer lipstick or an extremely bold one
just sitting in our train cases.

Today I am going to share some simple tips to help you make the most of these unwanted/ unloved products.

First, let’s talk about sheer lipsticks. If you happen to have one of these I just have one word for you: LAYERING! 
Just take a lipstick similar in color that is more opaque and apply one coat. Then take that sheer lipstick and apply it on top. You would be amazed what the mixing of products can do!

Another option, is to use a lip liner slightly darker than the lipstick or if you feel adventurous try a much darker or lighter shade. Line, fill in your lips, and then top it off with the sheer lipstick. If you want to keep experimenting, finish off with a lipgloss!

Now let’s talk about bold lipsticks!

Sometimes there are colors that look gorgeous in the tube, but a little intimidating to wear. 
If this is the case, just dab the lipstick on your lips or take a small amount on your fingertips and apply it. This is going to give you  just a wash of color and you can always leave at that or you can get either a clear or similar color lip gloss to go on top. 
Another option is to apply the lipstick as you normally do and then apply a nude lip gloss on top. This way, you can lower the intensity of the lipstick.

The beauty of makeup is experimenting. I have been doing this myself and now I am giving use to different lipsticks that were unloved.

Also, if you have sheer blushes try using them as transition colors in your eye makeup ,as highlights,  or even as lid colors. Remember to do this carefully though since some people can have allergic reactions.

The same goes with shadows, try layering them up applying a more pigmented one underneath!

Hope this was helpful and Play around!! Remember you can always wipe it off!!

Good luck!

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