Review: Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Powder Foundation

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

 Shiseido was a brand that I never felt attracted to. 
I really do not know exactly why but I just never payed attention to it.
 A few months ago, I started to look into it  more since one of my lovely
friends got a full time position there.
Little by little I have to say that I am getting more interested in the brand.
Their cream shadows are just lovely ( I did a review recently on them)
and the make up that I am wearing in these pictures?
Well I am kind of loving it!

You guys know that I am always on the hunt for my HG foundation hehe.. 
 So one day, I saw my friend and her skin looked so beautiful
 that of course I had to ask which foundation she was using.

When she showed me what she used, it turned out to be a Powder foundation. 
I immediately felt a little discouraged, since powder foundations usually do not cover
as much and they look all  cakey-powdery. 
She offered me a sample and I opened my eyes so big
because a powder sample is very random to get.
Here in these pictures I am ONLY wearing their
Sheer Mattifying Powder foundation and a little bit of bronzer.
As you can see, the coverage is really nice and it looks really good on pictures.
In real life you could still see some areas that needed more coverage but with a little concealing it's perfect!

What I love about this make up is that it is very mattifying so it is perfect for my oily skin.
Non- acnegecnic- Non comedogenic-Dermatologist tested- Fragance free = winner!
With a sensitive-oily- acne prone skin that I have I am always afraid of what I apply on my skin 
so when I read all of these awesome facts I was ready to jump in and try the sample.

So far,.after a week of trying the powder I have not broken out so 
I will be buying this powder as soon as on this coming Friday :)

Some of Shiseido's produtcs you have to buy the case and make up separately.
The case for this foundation retails for: $8.50
The refill make up retails for: $30
I know, a little pricey but I think it's worth it.

As far as application goes,the brush that I used to apply this
powder is actually their new foundation brush.
I will be reviewing it on another post but I'll give you a hint.. AMAZING!

Are you a fan of Shiseido Cosmetics?
What have you tried? or looking forward to try?

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  1. My cousin love it, she got me a sample but I didn't like it because my skin is not oily, so with products like this I look "too matte" - almost fake LoL and it emphasize my peach fuss, but that was the only thing with it, because their products are great.

  2. i've never tried anything by them. it looks sooo good on you, i quite likeit! so wonderfully pretty and natural

    Vonnie of

  3. It's very natural and pretty! I love it

  4. Wow, your face looks flawless! I've never tried this brand before, mostly because of the cost but I'd be willing to try the HD foundation.

  5. you're looking absolutely stunning there. wow!
    this should be your new profile piccie xx


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