CLINIQUE: Even Better Dark Spot Corrector Update and Review

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yesterday I went to my second training of the season
and I always enjoyed them very much.
Aside of getting goodies, which is always awesome,
I just love to be reminded how amazing
the brand is and get to know more about future products.
Clinique has been coming out with amazing treatments to
address different
Dermatological concerns and we are getting on the top!

The number #1 product right now in the line is the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot corrector.
What it is: A clinically proven Serum that reduces dark spots and discoloration in the skin
How?: With a patent pending CL-302 formula, plant extracts, and a potent Vitamin C derivative
delivers a clinical strength to reduce dark spots and discoloration. 

Uneven skin tone and dark spots in the skin is a big concern among women and we were the first ones to came out with a solution a year and a half ago. Still as of today, customers are returning for more!
I started to use the product on February 2011, and as a user myself I have to say that this product is truly amazing! I have seen a huge improvement in my spot and overall skin tone due to acne
and I cannot be any happier with the results I have gotten so far. 

I am starting my second bottle (1oz), so I still need to use a third one to achieve a 58% of improvement. However, we have now a bigger size (1.7 oz) and with two of these bottles 
you can complete the treatment as well.
After completing the 12 weeks, you have to keep using the product for maintenance.

Some people get a little discouraged when I tell them it takes a commitment of 12 weeks.
But the reality is, that the spots did not come overnight!  It is something that took months even years to develop, so it is very important to be patient and consistent with the treatment.  
The repairing process starts from underneath the skin up to the first layer of skin so 
that’s why it takes a little longer to see results. 
The key steps that this product does are:
* Slows production of melanin
*Scatters away the accumulated pigmentation
*Sheds skins ( no visible shedding/ flaking though)

The Even Better Serum can be used twice a day, it is and oil free, light weight serum
so all skin types can use it.
Also, because we are 100% fragrance free and allergy tested,
the chances of getting a reaction is minimal.

You need to apply this serum after doing the Clinique 3 step or if you are using
another brand skin care, you just have to apply this after you wash and/ or tone.

 Before applying your moisturizer, you can apply the Even Better serum all over your skin, 
not just on the spot since it helps with the overall skin tone thanks to it's exfoliation properties.
The texture is amazing and the skin feels so silky!

Sun protection is a must when using this product so it can do it's job at it's best. 
Sometimes we think that because we are most of the day indoors or because we work in a mall or office, 
we do not need sun protection. Well…wrong!

Even if you go out to the car, and then you get in the car to the mall, you ARE being exposed to UV rays which mean that even if you had a 10 minutes ride, you got 10 minutes of sun UV rays. 
Even if you apply the Even Better, because you are not protecting  your skin, the rays will be much likely to go down deep in your skin and make you produce more melanin= sun damage= more spots, not good right?

Even though the Even Better is like a little magic wand that is going to erase those dark spots
you are not happy about, this product is NOT going to moisturize your skin. 
That is why we recommend the Even Better Moisturizer with SPF 20. This is like having 2 products in one. 
It has some of the components of the serum, repairs the moisture barrier of the skin, 
and it protects you from the sun damage. 

Now since I already told you that this treatment requires a commitment of 12 weeks,
if you want to add an instant result to your dark spots, that’s 
when the Even Better Foundation with SPF 15 comes to the rescue. 
All of our Clinique foundations have treatment, they are not JUST make up
and that is what makes us different from other lines.

The Even Better foundation gives you an 80% of immediate even skin and the spots look less noticeable. 
This is definitely a great option, since it gives you an immediate fix while the other
products are working underneath your skin!

The Even Better Clinical Dark spot corrector retails for $49.50  for 1oz
and $73 for  1.7oz
I highly recommend this product if you have dark spots due to sun damage, hormonal change, 
and acne marks. 
If you were BORN with discoloration or freckles, the product is NOT going to work for you.
I hope this review was helpful!
Take care  and stop by your favorite Clinique counter and try it out!

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