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Sunday, August 07, 2011

I've been wanting for the longest to revamp/organize my make up area with something nice and girly.
I had in mind getting some stuff from IKEA but I saw this Vanity set at Bed Bath and beyond
and eventhough is smaller, it was a good decision to buy. 
It was cheaper than the IKEA set up and it fits perfect in my room.
I got this one for $132 using the 20% off coupon. 
Not bad at all huh?

The quality of it is not extraordinary
but it is not super cheap either. 
It requires only some assembly and it is
available in black and white.

This Vanity set comes with a flipping mirror, 2 deep drawers, and the cute stool. 
If you leave the mirror up you can have a nice deep space in the middle of the vanity to fit more stuff!
After I set up everything I realized that I do not have that much make up at all!!! lol
 I was able to fit everything in this Vanity and in the weave  basket on top of the 3 set of drawers on the left.
I got those at Target a while ago so I am not sure if they still sell those.

The first morning I did my make up here I just felt soo good!
Everything was easy to find and I was just happy to have my little space dedicated to make up :)

Now on to the pics!

Vanity Set from Bed Bath and Beyond
Set of weave drawers from Target

Here I have my everyday products. 
I got that plastic organizer from Bed Bath and beyond $3

Here I have some disposable lip and mascara wands, some face products
and in the flower bag I have my depotted MAC lispticks as well as non-depotted

On the left side I keep my MAC, UD, CLINIQUE, and W&W palettes

On the right side I keep my cheek products, single shadows, and NYX trios which
I just realize you can not see lol.. 
they are under that Inglot lip palette :)

I got this blue organizer thingy at target a while ago as well.
I payed just a dollar.
Here I keep my clinique make up and treatment samples
as well as lipglosses, NYX Jumbo pencils and some other random little things.

 The stool

I borrowed this from hubby will be replacing with something else
but here I have my eye and lip liners

Some clean ad dirty brushes ha!
I love that Hello kitty brush holder <3
Hello kitty Hand mirror from Sephora $35
Hello Kitty brush holder from MAC LE.. $50's

Here I have my 88 matte/ shimmer /MAC /Inglot palettes
I bought the metal organizer at Walmart $3

So that completes this little tour, I hope you enjoyed the pics :)
If you guys have blogged about your make up area I would love to see!
Leave me a link :D

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  1. yay! it's awesome!

  2. Todo quedo requete lindo y organizado. Me copiaria de ti, pero no tengo el espacio en mi cuarto. Que lo disfrutes :-)

  3. @pinkcorazon85: Thanks!
    @ Isha: Hi!!!! thank you sweety ;-)
    @Emy: Aw Muchas gracias! algun dia y si podras tener tu espacio :-)

  4. I love your zebra print stool! I need a vanity station like yours!

  5. Me encanta!! Yo tengo un setup parecido pero siempre uso la puerta de espejo del closet lol

    Hey Doll! I give you an award :D


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