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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday I went to dinner with two ex coworkers
 that I love so much :)
We had a great time at Lime talking for hours.
Here is the make up I did for the night out.

The pink bag is from Love Culture. 
While I was waiting for my darlings to arrive, I entered
 the store and I bought this beauty.

The Colorful Arm candy is from that night and
 the one with the watch is from today.
 I am loving the chain bracelet I got from forever21.
 It is actually gold and white but if you turn it,
 you can have a solid gold chain so I like
 the versatility of it.

Make up I am wearing:
Smashbox foundation
Milani Powder foundation
MAC Paradisco all over the lid
UD Buck on crease and above
UD Rassom and MAC Stylin 
on bottom lash line
Ardell lashes
MAC Goody goody gum drop
on inner corners
ELF cream liner

NYC Sunny
MAC Fun and games

MAC Watch me simmer 
with Wet and Wild 903C

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. wow you do eyes really perfectly. and dont even get me started on your brows >_< -Loving Sunshine

  2. Love it! You got the bag! What a great color! And the make up is flawless!<3

    1. Thanks, and yes! I got the bag. I found one that did not have what I told you as much. I used it yesterday and love it to pieces lol.


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