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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I've been wanting a boyfriend style watch for the longest!
This kind of watch is usually featured in lots of Arm candy.
However, I did not like the fact that the ones
 I liked were to pricey.

As I was browsing some pictures on Instagram the other day,
 I saw a post of this girl' s arm candy
 and the description said: Who needs MK?
The watch looked like a Michael Kors
 but it was actually from Macys. 
The brand is Style& Co and the price?
Just $30!

What I am wearing: 
Style&Co watch from Macys
Purple cross from Marriots Marco Island Hotel
Brown Cross and other bangles from Beya

Here is the Michael Kors version, they look really similar!

I finally received my shoes!
 I absolutely love them, they look beautiful
 but unfortunately they run a bit large.
I'm thinking of buying insoles... 
any suggestions are more than welcome!
I do not want to return them since I would need to pay shipping.

These are my nails today. 
 I chose a hot almost neon pink and I am loving it. 
Bright nails are always fun.
I added a bit of glitter on my ring finger.

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  1. I adore the shoes! I like boyfriend watches on other ppl but not on me. My wrists are thin so I can only wear delicate bracelets, nothing big

  2. Love the watch with the bracelets! And the shoes are so great! They're going to look amazing with your outfits!

  3. I have the same exact watch! My friend bought a gold MK watch then I went into Macy's & found that rose gold colored one from Style & Co & thought, WHAT A DEAL :) lol!!

  4. OMG love love love the watch!!!! very pretty doll


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