Loving at the moment...


"Delivers both immediate and long-term results to minimize evidence of fine lines,
wrinkles and sun damage, giving the lip area a smoother, firmer look and feel. 
De-flakes lips, helping lip colour glide on, resist feathering."

This is a product that I was not using or paying attention to until a month ago.
I have always had the issue that certain bright colors specially reds would feather horribly, 
so I was not using them as much. 
One day, I was about to do my lips in the morning at work and I saw the little bottle. 
When I read the description above I thought.. why not finally try it and I did.
After trying this white creamy product I fell in love!!!
Now I can wear my reds without a problem!!!
I have been using it ever since and I highly reccomended.
It is a bit pricey $21, but I think it's all worth it if you are struggling with the same thing.
The product is very easy to use and you just need a little.
The consistency is similar to a face lotion, but it is very lightweight and lips feel softer after wards. 
Just dab it on the lips and let it absorb before applying your lisptick.
And that's it! 
Beautiful lips for hours to come :)
Hope this helps someone!!

MAC Kelly meets pink!

I purchased a few days ago 4 new shadowsfrom MAC :)
I got Kelly, Prussian, Cobalt, and Aqua!!
I saw this picture on facebook
and I just loved the combination so I thought MAC Kelly and Prussian could be put to good use.

This is my wearable version of this look to go to work today.

As always you can click the pic to enlarge!

These pics were taken with my cell so the colors do not look similar to the inspiration picture but they were I promise!

NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
Matte pink e/s from 88 palette on lid and inner corners
Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer under brows
MAC Blanc Type e/s as a highlight
MAC Kelly e/s above the crease and lower lashline
MAC Prussian e/s on outer corners blended upwards to the crease and also on lower lashline
Clinique black gel liner
Stila Topaz e/l
Clinique Mascara
Ardell Natural lashes

MAC Amazon Princess Duo blush

Bobbi Brown Plum l/l
Bobbi Brown Plum Pink l/s

My future Vanity/ Make up Area

Hi guys!
Today I spent quite some time browsing and making a wish list of all the things
that I want to put this vanity together :-)
Most of the tings that are in the picture I super love and they have it in stock!!
I wont be getting the lamps and the small mirror since it's not lighted and it has only one side that magnifies.
I'm very excited with my little project since my current make up area is sooo small and not comfy.
Hopefully by April I can have it ready and of course I will be sharing pics!!!!
If you want to share your make up space let me know ( leave a link) 
if you've blogged about it in the comments!!

Oh Creme Royal!

Hi guys!
Today was a really busy day at work!
As I'm typing this I can feel my feet beating!!! they hurt :(
This is the look I did for today with pink purple and gold.
 The MAC Hello Kitty collection is still my fave so far and today I shopped my stash and used a forgotten jewel...
Creme Royal e/s! 
This eye shadow is totally gorgeous and the color is a yellow-wheat- golden shade with a Veluxe pearl finish.
On the lid or as a highlight it truly looks beautiful.
On my cheeks I am wearing my hubbys Vday gift, Amazon Princess blush from the
Wonder Woman collection. I love it!!

Bobbi Brown Even Finish Compact 4.5
Clinique blended face powder #4

MAC/ Wonder Woman Amazon Princess blush

Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer under brows
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk on lid only
MAC Creme Royale e/s as highlight
CLINIQUE Disco pink e/s on lid and blended upwards as well as the lower lash line
CLINIQUE plum seduction e/s on outer corners and crease as well as on the bottom lash line
CLINIQUE come o heather e/s to deepen crease a little and a little on the
outer corners of my bottom lash line
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s on tearduct area
MAC Dip down fluidline on upper lashline
Random mascara
Anastasia brow express kit
Ardell Glamour falsies
MAC Teddy eye khol pencil

MAC Pink plaid l/s
MAC Stepping out d/g

I wish you guys a lovely weekend!!!

March: New hair color

I want to color my hair after months and months of not doing so.. I really would like purple with black :)

This was almost 3years ago
so far my fave hair color.. but hard to maintain
I think this was my first FOTD ever using my Urban decay Deluxe palette :D

Outfit of the day: Sunday

Hubby and I kind of celebrated Vday on Sunday. We had a very relaxed day.
In the morning we stopped at  our fave restaurant to eat breakfast, then headed to Aventura Mall to take our son to their indoor play area.
After that, we went to the Bal Harbour Mall since it was the only way to able to buy the
Bobbi Brown Even Finish compact!
Can you believe that?
Not a single  closer store had my shade in stock and I was actually the last person in buying the last one
at Neiman Marcus! lol

Once we were done with that we stopped at this park where people were flying kites!
It was  so relaxing to watch all the different kites flying away ;-)

We bought our son his first kite and he flew it like a pro!!
I was such a proud mommy :D
We also got a bigger kite for ourselves and next Sunday we will be coming back to this park
since they are having a kite festival.

I am wearing:
Forever 21:JeansPull over,Black Jacket, Bird Necklace
Urban Outfitters Boots

Bye guys!

Review: Bobbi Brown Oil free Even Finish Compact

Hello guys!
Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the
 Bobbi Brown oil free Even Finish Compact make up.

After been still on the hunt for the perfect foundation, I decided to give this one a try.
I asked for a sample at the Macys where I work and I have been using it for about two and half weeks.
Break outs have been a really tough issue for me in the last 4 months.
I was really frustrated to have to go to work to a make up counter with blemishes all over my chin!
I was so self conscious about it :(
The foundation I was using before starting with Clinique was Make up forever Matte Velvet.
Since I was home with my son, I used to do my make up for FOTD’s or to go out every now and then. Break outs were not as often.
When I got hired at Macy’s I started doing my make up everyday and that is when my face just started breaking out all the time. I figured that make up forever was the reason of my break outs so I stopped using it and instead started the journey of trying different Clinique foundations.

Unfortunately, the one that I really liked (Acne Solutions) could not be matched perfectly.
However, I kept using it for a while because my acne was so bad and I knew the foundation had sacylic acid and it would help to dry the pimples faster.
Since I was not happy with the off color that Acne Solution was giving me I kept browsing and looking around until one day I stumbled with the Even Finish make up from Bobbi Brown.
                                       I saw that it was an oil free make up so I took the plunge to try it.                     
So far, I am really happy to say that I haven’t broken out. Like I mentioned in my last post, I am currently  using the Clinique Acne solutions treatment which I know is playing a big role on
 keeping everything under control.
This foundation is very creamy, easy to blend formula and it gives medium to full coverage.
The finish that it gives is a satin finish but I use a matte powder on top.
I really like that it does not feel heavy on my skin and it gives an “I am covered but it looks like skin"
I’ve been trying different brushes to apply it and so far I am getting best results with my MAC 109.
I apply first a layer using the MAC 109 and then I apply some more on problem areas
 buffing it with my MAC 181.
This Compact comes in 19 shades with .31 oz of product and is great for normal to oily skin types.

Now that I finally bought the compact, it comes with a sponge so I am looking forward to try i
t and see what results I am going to get.
Overall I am happy with this foundation and I will be updating you guys later on!


Medium to full coverage
Does not feel heavy or cakey
Oil free
Good staying powder

For some, big compact
Packaging looks dirty easily,but it can be resolved pretty quickly by wiping it :D
( see pic above lol)
Price $42

Have a great day!

Face Candy Couture Swatches

As I promised here are the swatches
of the Face Candy Couture shadows that I got.

Link to the store:

The glide on so smoothly over NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
From top to bottom ( left side)
Pink Honey drop
Olive lust
Antique Sea

Pink Honey Driop
Antique Sea
Olive Lust

Cutest Couple Contest!

Hi guys!
I just need a little favor :)
If you have facebook vote for us!
First you need to "like" the EZ photography page so you can be able to vote.
Then you guys can go to the  contest album and "like" our pic.
It's that easy :D

Here is the link:

And here is the pic that we uploaded:
My valentine of almost 8 years now!!
bye bye!
and happy Valentines day!!!!

Clinique: Moisture Surge review

Since I am working with Clinique,  I want to start doing reviews on our products!
Today I will be sharing my thoughts on 
Moisture Surge

Light, comfortable cream/gel plumps skin with hydration for a full 24 hours. Fine lines, flakiness and tightness are washed away. In their place—a sense of supple, firm, vibrant well-being, even through shifts in humidity. One ‘drink’ and skin looks and feels happier, healthier.
I have been using Moisture surge for about 4 months now and I absolutely love it.
Even though I have oily skin I do get flaky areas around my nose and some areas of my cheeks plus
I also started the Acne Solutions 3 step about 4 weeks ago and like any other acne treatment
it dried my skin a little.
This oil free gel moisturizer immediately disappears  and soothes flaky dry skin!
A little bit goes a long way too.
Thanks to Moisture Surge I have been able to do the Acne system without any problems
and my acne is petty much controlled. 
I still have the dreaded marks ( even though I do not pick at them) but they are disappearing little by little.
I'm very excited that my chin is not breaking out!!

The great thing about Moisture surge is that ALL skin types can use it.
It is the perfect cream to have for winter.
It can be used daily under/ over make up or as a 5 minute mask.
I like to apply Moisture Surge after using the Clinique Acne Clearing moisturizer.
After it is absorbed into my skin,I keep on with my make up routine

If you want to have a cooling effect you can even put it in the fridge!
In my opinion, this is a great cream to have and I highly recommend it! 
It is a bit pricey but it's all worth it

1.7oz $34 US
2.5oz $46.50 US


Valentines look #2

Hi guys!
This is the look I did for today.
I wanted something dramatic and I really wanted a hot pink lip!

I know the quality of the picture is not the best but is not as bad either so
I decided to share it with you guys ;-)

Today at work we all wore black T shirts promoting the new 
Bottom Lash mascara!
I think Clinique is the only one that came up with a mascara
exclusively for the bottom lashes.
The wand is super tiny and personally I am really loving it.
I will be doing a review soon on this one!

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer under brows
MAC Vanilla e/s as a highlight
MAC Romping e/s ( Hello kitty palette) above the crease
MAC Sketch e/s all over the lid blended upwards as well on bottom lashline
MAC deep brown e/s from the Smoke and Mirrors palette to deepen the crease
as well as on the bottom lash line
MAC Winter sky e/s on inner corners and tearduct
88 palette matte  light pink on top of wintersky e/s
MAC Reflects pink glitter ( I know, you can not see it.. but it's there)
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Buxom Mascara
Ardell Glamour lashes
Anastacia Brow express kit

MAC Dollymix

Elizabeth Arden Vivid Pink l/l
Clinique Raspberry Rush l/s

Valentines look #1

Here is quick FOTD!
I recently got the Urban Decay Naked palette  and I just have to say that all the ravings are true!
This  palette is sooo amazing!
If you have the opportunity grab it!!

Bobbi Brown oil free Even Finish compact in Warm Natural
Clinique Stay Matte powder  101 insivible

MAC Springshine Ombre

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer under brows
MAC Vanilla e/s as highlight and tear duct area
MAC Texture e/s above the crease and lower lashline
UD Creep e/s on outer corners blended upwards and on lower lash line
UD Half Baked on lid
UD 24/7 black on top and bottom lash line
Ardell Glamour lashes
Buxom Mascara
Anastacia Express brow kit

Clinique Tawny Tulip l/l
Clinique Very Currant l/s
Clinique Juicy Apple l/g

The weekend is almost here!!!!

Recreating one of Jen's (lilmamaj) make up look!

Hello lovelies!
MAC Coral has been a shadow that I've been lemming for a while.
A few weeks ago I found out there is a MAC PRO in South Beach so I went to visit the store!
It was small but so pretty!!
I bought a few things including Coral e/s and
Violetta l/s which is
so gorgeous.

When I saw this look from Jen I really loved it so now that I have Coral
I decided to give her look a try  :D
I did not have Nylon e/s so I used Naked instead 
Here is the link of her gorgeous look!

( Necklace fail LOL)
ok moving on..

MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s ( highlight)
MAC Naked pigment on lid and inner corners
MAC Plumage e/s on outer corners- crease- lower lashline
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Buxom Mascara
Anastacia brow express kit
Ardell Glamour lashes
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer as a base just underneath my brows

MAC Bite of an apple

MAC Ravishing l/s

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Black and White

You guys know that every now and then I like to edit pictures and just play around with some effects.
I usually use Picnik
What do you guys like to  use?

<< Click to enlarge>>

Face Candy Couture FOTD+ Review + Giveaway

Hi guys!
Today I will be reviewing the shadows from
Face Candy Couture Cosmetics.
I was sent some shadows to try a while ago but being so busy at work it was kind of hard. 
I'm so glad I finally got to do it.
Shantelle Ship is the owner of this blooming company.
She is very sweet and if you are reading this Shantelle, I apologize for this taking so long!!

This is the look I did with the shadows today!

From Face Candy Couture: 
Antique Sea ( lid-bottom lashline)
Cranberry ( outer corners-bottom lash line- crease)
MAC Coral ( a little bit above crease)
MAC Crystal Avalanche ( highlight)
MAC Smolder eye pencil
Anastacia Brow kit

MAC Captive

The shadows come in the classic 5g jar with sifter and aprox. 1.2 grams of product. 
They can be used dry or wet.
These jars are clear and come with a sticker that says the name of the company.
On the website it tells you the ingredient of them which I found nice.

I got 6 samples but at the time of taking the pictures tonight I did not find the other 3 and since I am so late with this review I only photographed 3.
Cranberry-Antique Sea-Maple-Treasure
I will be doing swatches later on.

I did my make up at 10 am this morning and when I got home at 10 pm I looked at my eyes 
and got the nice surprise that my eyes were looking pretty decent. 
Very minor creasing!
I was impressed with the staying power!!

The colors that I got had shimmer and were easy to blend and the
pigmentation was great also.
I can't say really anything wrong about them. I would say maybe the fall out but
I did not have that much  of it either.
The prices are very affordable and she has a variety of colors and deals going on right now
so go check her website out!!

I will be doing a giveaway sponsored by Face Candy Couture  soon so stay tuned!! 

Link to the candy store!!!! hehe

At work

Hi guys!
This is just  a random picture of me at work. It was a very slow day and I got bored hence the picture lol...

I am wearing one of my fave lip combos from Clinique

Bobbi Brown oil free Even finish compact ( on trial period )
Clinique blended face powder

MAC Wintersky e/s (lid)
MAC Coral e/s (above the crease)
MAC Skectch e/s (outer corners-crease-lower lashline)
MAC Plumage e/s ( outer corners and crease)
MAC Vanilla e/s (highlight and inner corners)
MAC Smolder eye pencil
Buxom mascara
Ardell Glamour lashes
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer underneath the brows
Anastasia brow kit


All from Clinique:
Tawny Tulip l/l
Cranberry dream l/s
Pom-a-greatness smoothie l/g

Have a great week guys!!

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