Japan Vivi Style

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

You guys know I fall for make up, but I also fall for fashion! 
I love browsing sites like Chictopia.com, fashion blogs, or just google outfit  images
so I can get inspired with ideas.
I was on ebay last night just looking around and I ended up browsing at some Japan Vivi style shoes.
You can find some really cute pairs!
Then I  did a search by Japan Vivi style  clothing and I am loving these styles. I can't buy clothing on line though. I am the kind of person that needs to try on first lol. But some of these are so  tempting!!

I always like how Japanese and korean women dress.
These are some items that caught my attention
As always, click on the pictures to enlarge!

Loving this green top!

Aren't these a cutie? I would wear them in a heartbeat!


This dress is a dream <3

I made an offer to the seller that was selling these shoes with the bow.
I got them for $15!
Now I have to wait a gazillion years for them to come to me lol
I'm loving her neutral outfit as well!

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    Would you share which site/seller you were looking at? They all look adorable!
    And not to mention VIVI is my all time favourite magazine :)
    You can email the link to me pbunniep@yahoo.ca

    Horray for cute fashions!

  2. ;-) sure Pbunnie I'll email you!

  3. Gosh I LOVE Yumi. It's a famous british brand, btw. You can check out their webside, if you're interested:


    All the dresses are so adorable!!!

    Guess what, I was at Zara today. No luck for me - no black skirt AGAIN!!!

  4. Hi Susi!! Thanks for the link, I was so upset with ebay! the clothing I like they did not have in my size :(

    Thanks for this link I'll Def. check it out!

    And no way!!! I went to another Zara this weekend and I saw the skirt again!!! maybe it's only here in the US :(

  5. i agree! and they have the best hair styles too!

  6. Hi BBM! Yes!! the hair!! oh my, so pretty ;-) xx


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