A little help from you guys!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This is a dress I got  from forever 21. 
I realized looking at my bags that I don't have one that can go with this!
I know I have a lot of followers that love fashion so if you can give some recs/links to cute bags
I'll appreciate it!
This will be fun :D


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  1. i like this bag a lot, minus the little charm thing, but that can be taken off. I think it would look adorable with this dress Have you ever shopped at ASOS.com before? it's amazing!


  2. Look what I've found for you!!!

    I would love to wear a polka-dot bag from "Miss Selfridge" with this super cute dress:


    Maybe this is kinda too much for you, then a simple white bag from ASOS:


    Tell me what you think about the bags! =)

  3. Hi Susi! Thanks for the links ;-)
    I liked them both!! What to do!!! lol

    I wished the polka dots one would've been on a model to see the size better. But I am loving it. It would give a spark to the outfit.

    I love that the white one is a cross body bag! I think 90% of my bags are like that lol.


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