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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi guys!
I can not believe I am this tanned already!
I have the kind of skin that tans easily, even using sunscreen. 
I look so different lol. 
I had to go to Sephora and buy a new foundation! 
Now I am a 45 on Matt Velvet, instead of a 35
Today I was feeling sweet, I guess the ruffles in my cardigan influenced.. so this is what I did. 
I also flipped my hair a little bit to do something different and I like it. ;-)

 MUFE Matt Velvet 
Amazing concealer
Clinique Loose powder

MAC Peachykeen

88 palette: Pinks /Soft blue/ black
MAC Vanilla e/s
Wet and Wild Lust palette
I used the 1st color on the left, a soft pink
MAC Smolder eye pencil
Maybelline Define a Brow pencil
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

MAC Pink Plaid
Pandora's Delicious lipgloss

Cardigan: Urban outfitters
Top: Charlotte Russe

Hope you guys like this one <3
Happy Saturday!

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  1. I tan really easily, too. Unfortunately, the weather has been really lousy here. I'm super pale and wishing I looked half as dark as you do!

    The flipped out hair is really cute! You should rock that more often!


  2. This is simply gorgeous. I missed too much your lotd XD
    Love the association eyes/ lips.
    You are awesome :)
    Have a great week end huny

  3. Such a sweet look with the pink! And i'm loving the hair as well :)

  4. simply gorgeous.
    boo, i wish i tanned easily too xx

  5. Carefree, sexy, and fresh!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  6. Pretty! Reminds me of cotton candy!


  7. you look so beautiful! I love the pink lips especially. Lucky you, I always go through a long burning process before I tan, so I use spray tans to get my glow on.

  8. The lips in this photo are stunning!!



  9. que guapa, un look muy primaveral, me encanta

  10. @ Kate Gene: LOL, thanks, I'm gonna rock it often for sure! I really liked it ;-D
    @ Liloo: Thank! you hun, hope you had a great weekend too ;-)
    @ Pbunnie: Thanks so much sweety!
    @Liloo #2: lol! thanks hun!
    @Marie: Wow, I loved that ;-)
    @Makeup by Kim Porter: Hi hun ;-) Now that you say it you are right! it looks like that ;-D
    @Shadowy Lady: Hi girl! thanks, well come down to Florida and you'll get it quicker! It's crazy sunny/ hot here lol
    @allmylove: Thanks! Pink PLaid is one of my MAC fave lipsticks.
    @Lucy: Hola! gracias, que bueno que te gusto :-)

    I got a hater-ugly comment on You tube today. Now reading all of these lovely comments, you guys make me smile! Thanks!

  11. such a pretty look!! you're gorgeous!! I love the pink plaid lippied on you!!! so purrrty!!! I am new to your blog! lovin it so far!!

    please visit my blog when u get the chance! I'd love to have someone like u as a follower as well! thanks!! =)

  12. adorable! and I'm so in love with your piercing!

  13. @ Anette: Hello! Thanks for following ;-) and for your lovely comment. I'll check it out your blog

    @ Konstantine: Hi! Thanks so much ;-)

  14. hey, just had to let you know that this is the most stunning makeup ever. am in love with the pastels. the pink is fantastic.

    also, am new to your blog and just read about your unfortunate run in with cancer. just had to say to keep strong and stay strong. your will is what gets you through, trust me!

    now its time to go and see more of these incredible makeup photos.

  15. @ Bury me in velvet, thanks for your lovely comment!


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