Webster Pages Planner Review

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello my loves,
Today I come with a review!
 I was finally able to buy a Webster Pages Planner last month, and so far
I am loving it. Not only I can be more organized, but it also gives me a creative
outlet and I am having lots of fun with it.
This planner you could either buy the binder or the kit.
I chose to buy the kit and for $35 I think it's a great value!
It comes filled up with all the inserts you will need for the year.
The dividers are beautiful and the pages are nicely thick. 

The weekly pages are towards the end, so that's the only thing that it 
can of bug me at first, since it is what I use the most,but I'm used to it now.
The other pages the planner comes with, I'm still on the fence about them since
I don't seem to have a use for them as of now. Also,
the monthly calendar squares are kind of small.

I love  the squishy feel of it! The quality of the binder is
 pretty good since it's made out of split leather, 
and the rings came in perfect condition! I bought mine at acherryontop.com

Snap Button Closure

This is one of the dividers it comes with. Like I mentioned before,
all of them are beautiful! However if you want to 
change it up, you can buy different insert sets at Webster Pages website or through Etsy

Getting to decor my weeks
it's becoming really fun and kind of therapeutic!
I like to sit at the table at nighttime and decorate away.
I used the Foil Project Life kit from Michaels.
As you can see here, the weekly pages are roomy.


This is my favorite spot in the planner. 
I just love to open it and see all the cuteness spread out!
I'm still a child at heart, can you tell?

Overall, I think this is a great planner, and for the price
you can't go wrong! 
The inserts are beautiful, but not too practical to me.
Later on I plan on buying other inserts
 and dividers so that I can accommodate everything to my liking.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and if  you join the planner world, let me know!

Products shown
Webster Pages Planner in Sky Blue
Project Life Foil kit
Dollar Tree heart paper clips
Dollar Tree Washi tape/Stickers
Target Dollar spot pens

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  1. Such a nice planner, so pretty. ^^
    Lovely greets Nesssa

  2. So cute! I love how organized you are :)

  3. I absolutely adore this so much! I agree with you when you said decorating is therapeutic. I, too, love arts and crafts a LOT. Enjoyed reading your blog, Sue.



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