In the fields...

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

I love fields, specially like this one. The contrast of dry weeds and
 blue sky is something that fascinates me.
 This particular field, is right next to a local church.
 We asked for permission to take pictures, and they kindly said yes!
 It was the perfect spot to photograph this beauty of a dress
 I recently got from Gypsan.
I fell in love with the color and it's the kind of dress you
 can easily dress up or down.


Weather has been warming up pretty good lately,
 so we have been visiting Aquatica many times already!
 It is such a fun water park, and even more if you can go with a big group of friends. 
We were able to do so the other day and
  we were all loud and silly= FUN!

Gypsan dress c/o-Sammy Dress boots c/o-Urban Outfitters fringe bag-Victory Jewelry necklace

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