Irregular shoes!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I found out about this website yesterday and I am in love with so many different shoes and bags!!
They are all so unique and I can not wait to buy some :D

These are some of my fave styles:

Look at the kitty design! So adorable :)

There is something about polka dots that always attracts me!
 When I saw this pair my jaw just dropped!
The detail on the heel and the front of the shoe is too gorgeous.
I love the vintage feel on this one...

Ok that little monkey hanging on the heel is just too cute!!

If you like what you see you can go here


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  1. OOOOO were you reading the Kandee blog?
    I was on there too and like "OOOOOO...AHHHHHH....EEEEK" for a good 10minutes. Out of my budget though but they are adorable. *daydreams*

    I think I might do a similar one with my favourites too...after I'm done these exams X.x""

  2. I love irregular choice. So gorgeous! Their designs are so detailed right to their insoles.

    You should really get a pair!

  3. i love irregular choice shoes! definitely a way to be unique and edgy!

  4. These are so different and unique! I'm going to checkout the website!


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