Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello ladies!
Today I come with a rant! LOL
When I ran out of my beloved MAC Cremestick lip liner in Lush- N- Lilac I knew I was in trouble.
It was the perfect purple color for me.
I remembered I purchased it in a CCO ( Cosmetic Company store) like around a year ago.
I have tried vivising my nearest CCO as well as the ones located in Orlando FL when I go visit and no luck :(
I have also tried to find a dupe and I have been very unsuccessful.

I need your help!!

If you guys know about a good dupe for this liner I would aprecciate if you can let me know in a comment!
Also, if you happen to know if there is a counter or CCO with this liner in stock where you live please buy it for me and we can make arrangementes so I can pay you back!!

I am really desperate lol.. 

These are some looks I did sporting this wonderful lip liner:

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  1. Try nyx the have tons of different lipliners !!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love the lilac lips on the first photo

  3. Thanks FRancesca!
    Jess... yes! I know.. but NYX does not have a close dupe :(


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