First Nail post!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hi guys!
This is my first ever nail post :D
I've never been into nails that much but lately I've found myself looking at
other nail posts and enjoying them a lot!

Wet and Wild is imrpressing me so much every day.
From the grogeous new palettes and now the beautiful new nail polishes!

I decided to give them  a try and got these 2

If you love glitter, you gotta buy Party of Five!
It is a clear nail polish with beautiful chunks of glitter in different colors and sizes.
It has silver, violet, red, among other colors mixed in.
As far of application is a little tricky. 
You kind of have to glob it and work it on the nail rather 
that going  evenly downwards. But I guess it depends on the how you want the glitter to look on the nail.

Another beauty I picked up is Teal or no Teal.
This is an amazing shade!
It took about 2 coats to get a decent opacity.

As the name says, these nail polishes dry very fast but not too fast that you have to hurry.
This is what I wanted to do after seeing other pictures on line..

I super love the effect of this glitter!
If you like, just stop by your favorite drugstore.
These retail just for a dollar!!
Since it was my first time working with this glitter  and just working with my nails for that matter
you can see the glitter is not applied the same in my nails but that's ok.. I'll keep practicing!!
 Lighting was not great so so sorry about that too :(

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Now I'm off to the beach!!!!

Have a great one ladies

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  1. oh I love it :)
    so jealous your off to the beach & I hope you do more posts like this!! x

  2. u do nails too!?!? so talented! love the teal!

  3. BBM, I recently started so lots to learn and practice! thanks!!!!

  4. I can't believe there so cheap and have a nice looking finish. Will definitely be picking one up.


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