Inglot small haul!

Monday, March 07, 2011

My jaw dropped when I went to Aventura mall today and saw that there is an Inglot store!!
I've heard about Inglot from other bloggers as well as on You Tube.
I've been always intrigued with the brand so I had to buy some stuff right? :D

The store was very pretty and they have 2 tables full of  different products.
On the walls they had a lipstick area, false lashes and face products.
The girl that worked there told me that right now you can't buy single shadows or lipsticks in pan form but that
soon they will be doing so.
On the tables you can see the different shadows, lipsticks, and blushes and you can customize your palettes. They call it the Freedom System.
They have the most gorgeous gel liners in a bunch of different colors. 
I am for sure coming back to pick some since they only retail for $13 US.
I was surprise with the prices.
They are really affordable!

The color is similar to MAC's Blue Brown pigment.
Inglot Pure Pigment #85

From top to bottom
First swatch is over black base
Second swatch is the pigment on his own

The lispticks

The cam is not doing justice to these 3!!
They are absolutely gorgeous. 
The first 2 look like MAC Dazzleglasses but in lipstick form.
The 3rd color os more of a satin finish. All three are super pigmented and creamy.
I need to see how well are they gonna hold up on my lips.
Unfortunately, I did not write the numbers so I do not know how to even call these so
I definitely need to pass by again to find out about that and I will update you guys.
I payed $16 US for the palette of 3
Lip brush is sold separately but since I already have one I passed.

These guys shimmer a lot!!
I tried to take lots of pictures and could not capture how pretty and shimmery they really are :(

Do you guys know about Inglot?
Do you already own some products or plan to buy?

Have a great week!

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  1. great haul! I love Inglot, I stocked up on their eyeshadows and gel liners when I was in NYC. u're lucky there's a store near u

  2. I love the pigment!! It's so pretty!
    xoxo Debby

  3. Wow I love everything! Great shopping adventure! And i love that mall too ;) Following!

  4. I really want to try some Inglot products. Great haul!



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