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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hello guys!
This is the look I wore today to go singing.
I used one of the shadows from the MAC Dare to Wear collection.
This one is all about bright and fun colors!
I first saw Winkle e/s on a FOTD from Shadowy Lady and I fell in love with the color.
When I found out that MAC was going to repromote this color I got really excited!

I bought it around 2 weeks ago and I am loving this shadow to pieces ;-)
It is a gorgeous shade of blue. Bright, but wearable at the same time.
It is a Satin finish and very pigmented, a dream to work with!
Easy to blend.
I highly recommend this color as I think that it is pretty unique.
For the lips, I picked a lipstick that is quite hard/ tricky to pull off.
I'm talking about MAC Siss /ls.
It is a beige nude and I love it a lot.
At first, I applied it on it's own but I didn't dare to wear it! lol
So I added on top of it  a light layer of MAC Ravishing l/s
It looks quite nude still and I look very different but I liked the result.
Hope you guys enjoy this look!
Lighting was a little crazy and It was windy so excused the little messy hairs :D
Let me know what you think :)

MAC Winkle e/s in lid- inner corners- bottom lashline
MAC Deep Truth e/s on outer corners- crease-bottom lashline
MAC Stately black to deepen outer corners and bottom lash line
MAC Vanilla e/s as a highlight
Random medium brown color above the crease
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Buxom Mascara
Ardell Wispies 
Maybelline Define a brow pencil
MAC- HK Fun and games 

A full application of MAC Siss l/s
A light application of MAC Ravishing l/s on top


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  1. your skin looks absolutely amazing! I love this look on u and mac winkle e/s is gorgeous

  2. love the lipstick combo goanna try that .. thanks

  3. wow, that blue is amazing, i think i might need it! :D

  4. beautiful look.. love your lip color :)

  5. Stunning eye makeup!
    I've nominated you for a few blog awards in my blog!

  6. Great look! I love that blue eyeshadow

  7. @Jess: Thanks so much! it's the foundation lol
    @Meliza: Glad you like it!
    @Misstaina: Go get it!
    @Sharon: Thanks dear ;D
    @Sara: Thanks hun!
    @The beautifier: Thanks! and thank you for the award, you are too sweet :)
    @Becky: Thanks!

  8. Gorgeous Look!

    Thanks for following me. I wish you good luck on the giveaway!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  9. Gorgeous!!!
    I love doing smokey eyes with blue!!!

  10. gorgeous, I love that blue! Can't wait for that collection to hit Trinidad!

  11. I looooove! You look awesome in blues sweetie. and glad u liked Winkle. It's such a unique shade of blue and the texture is awesome!

  12. this is just perfect, just perfection! x cant get tired of it xx

  13. @BEauty Addit: No problem! and thanks ;-)
    @Claudsmakeupcorner: Thank you!
    @Arisha: Thanks dear, and get some goodies when they arrive!
    @Shadowy lady: Thanks hun!!! and I agree!!
    @Liloo: Thanks lovely! :D

  14. I lied before. This is my favorite look you've ever done! Gorgeous!!!

  15. @ prettyaspeaches: You made me laugh! thanks hun ;-)

  16. there you are =D ,,
    just found ur blog ,, but ive seen ur pics loads on MAC page on facebook

    i just started blogging ,, but i want to say ur very talented =D and i love ur makeup looks ,, xx .

  17. Hi Princess Feef! Thanks for following :-) and for the sweet comment!

  18. This look is so beautiful on you. :-)


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