Hitting Pan celebration! + Falsies

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello guys!
Today I hit pan  for the first time ever. Who is the lucky one? MAC Beautiful Iris!!!
I think you guys knos already how much I love this shadow. I think it is a must have in anyone's collection hehe.

Today I gave falsies a try but this time I cut them by myself since I can not put on a full set no matter what!
What do you guys think? Be honest!  lol

This time I was successful putting them on using half pairs so I think you guys are gonna see more falsies from now on :-)

Clean and Clear moisturizer
MAC Studio Sulpt
Clinique Loose powder
No concealer

 Eden UDPP
MAC Modest tone e/s as a highlight
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s above crease
MAC Naked pigment on lid, inner corners , bottom lashline
Wet and Wild lust palette:  medium gray e/s on crease, outer corners. bottom lashline
NYX Jumbo pencil in black for upper lashline and waterline
Ardell Wispies cut in half
Maybelline Define a Brow pencil

MAC Peachykeen

MAC Icescape l/g


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  1. You look very pretty. You did amazing on the eye shadow makeup! :)


  2. You look BEAUTIFUL!! I really like the way the lashes came out!
    xoxo Debby

  3. Wow! Ese look te queda genial!


  4. gorgeous! i always love your looks. :) like your hair like that too. and i cry when i hit the pan, only about 3 out of many have been unfortunate.

  5. Love the look, especially the falsies! :)

  6. I really love the fun falsies! This is a gorgeous look, as usual. :)

    My one and only pan hit was on Dazzlelight, my go-to highlight.


  7. very pretty, I love the eyeshadow colors

  8. Really gorgeous look, as always! :) X

  9. im a huge fan of lashes! these look great and love the smokey eye!

  10. this is so pretty and soft. really beautiful

  11. Must get Beautiful Iris and do a beautiful look like urs :)

  12. @live.love.makeup: Thanks so much sweety
    @Debby: Thanks! I really love falsies
    @Becky: GRacias!
    @Celia: Thanks dear, I've been experimenting more with my hair lately
    @lipglossspandex: Thank you!
    @Leah: Thanks hun ;-)
    @Ladydanger: Thanks so much
    @ Andee: Thanks!
    @pinkcorazon: Thanks so much!
    @Meliza: Thanks you ;-)
    @Shadowy lady: Thanks so much hun, and I can't believe you don't have BI!!! You gotta!!

  13. Congrats on hitting pan! It takes forever to pan a makeup item!

    Great look!

  14. You look beautiful
    love the violet

  15. beautiful look :) and those falsies look great :)

  16. You look beautiful :) And I can see why you love that colour! I think I need it in my collection now! :)
    I think the false lashes look really nice on you! I really need to try and work mine out. Haha xx

  17. @ Gaby: Thanks and I know, it really takes a long time.
    @Shaimaa: Thanks dear!
    @Sara: Thanks so much
    @Monique: Thanks ;-)
    @Make-up-addict: Thanks sweety, and yes! go get it soon, you won't be disapointed :D

  18. que guapa me encanta el tono del labial.


  19. Very pretty! I think this is my favorite from you!

  20. Ahhh beautiful iris! I have that one. But then again I have seven (I think) eyeshadow palettes from MAC so it's rare that I DON'T have a colour :-) Looks very pretty on you. I love false eyelashes, I used to wear them all the time when I was a MUA at MAC.

  21. @ Cafe Bellini: Hi! Thanks ;-) I still don't have that many palettes lol! I wish though, hehe


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