Spring Colour Forecast unveiling!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi guys!
I'm very excited to announce that I got invited yesterday to go to the Spring Colour forecast unveiling on Feb. the 2nd! My MAC store called me, invited me and of course I said yes!!
This is a collection I've been waiting for soo long. Hopefully I can get some goodies.

Have you guys been to one of these parties? I even heard that you can get some sort of discount? Not sure if this is true but if not either way I'm happy to be going.

Are you guys looking forward to this collection? What's in your wishlist?

So far this is my mine:

Lavender wind L/g
Sprinshine ombre
Purple quad
Neutral quad
Straw Harvest e/s
Hot hot hot e/s

and a few things more.. but I need to see them in person :-)

And this is a pic I took today.. I was kind of bored so yup.. I kind of like it :-)

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  1. this is so pretty! :) love it!

    i haven't heard anything about the spring color forecast unveiling. maybe my counter won't be having that event. i dunno. =\

  2. lucky you! take pics please :)

  3. That is so cool! Where is my invite? It must have gotten lost in the mail. ;)

    I love your t-shirt, BTW! Blondie is awesome!


  4. I have gone to quite a few including HK...never got a discount...just got to buy before the collection launched...Also some stores like Dillards, Macy's have a min purchase but My MAC Pro store doesn't I am going as well on the 2nd to the one here. I hope you have a good time

  5. Thanks Tish :-) I so want Tuesday to be here!


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