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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just wanted to share with you guys some products that I’m really loving so far since December.

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation

I really love the finish of this foundation. It does not set on my pores and lines like Revlon Color stay used to do. Rather than give me a dewy look, it gives me more like a hint of sheen that makes my skin look healthy. I started applying this foundation with my MAC 187 Brush but then I switched to my MAC 181 kabuki and I am really liking the results.

MAC 181 Mini kabuki brush

I got this brush in my “Fun in the sun” 2009 Holiday kit and I love it!. It is super soft and it works really well to apply blushes, MF’S, and IMO foundation!

MAC Chatterbox lipstick

Oh my! This is the prettiest shade of pink! I super love it. I’ve been using Rimmel Indian pink lipliner with this lipstick and it looks great.

MAC Blot powder

I finally got around to try this powder and I was a little scared since not all MAC face products agree with my face, but I went to a counter and got it in Medium. So far no break outs! Which makes me very happy and I really like how I touch up with this product and my face is shine free and the make up looks so good and not cakey. I used the puff that comes with the powder as well as a fluffy powder brush to apply it with great results.

Amazing concealer

I got this after hearing so many ravings about how good it is and it is true! I love how it looks under my eyes. The texture is very creamy, it glides on very easy and it does cover redness and problem areas very well. A little bit goes a long way!

Are these some of your faves too? ;-)

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  1. I liked Studio Sculpt but was never properly matched to a color that was right for me :( But I'm glad you are liking the 181 brush and the fun in the sun kit- it's awesome isn't it?!?

  2. I love Nuance but Shimpagne was a no go :-( too shimmery for my taste so I ended up selling it on ebay :-)

  3. Hi Fintia! :)
    Chatterbox is one of my favorite bright color lippies. I feel like a barbie whenever I wear it O:)

  4. Hey Jo'! thanks for stopping by, glad to hear you are another chatterbox fan :-)


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