New hairstyle!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well it was that time.. the time of a change!. I get bored kind of often with my hair. I'm always changing. The only thing I haven't change for a while is my hair color. I've been trying to get rid of the last color I had. With this new hair cut now 90% of my hair is my natural hair color. It's been 12 years of coloring my hair up until now.  I'ts kind of exciting even though I still have the urge of dying it.. I might at some point but for now I can enjoy my hair just like God gave it to me hehe.

I pretty much got more layers on the top and a swept bang. The good thing is that I can wear my hair sleek like this or I can mess it up and get a more edgier look.

I was rushing so the pics are not great, wind was blowing, hence the little hairs out of place! lol
Could not get close up pics of my eyes but I was wearing:

MAC Naked pigment as a highlight ( loooove it)
MAC Yogurt e/s on lid
MAC Texture e/s on the crease and above
MAC Med. brown e/s from the Smokey mirrors palette to darken crease
MAC Plumage e/s on lower lashline and on top of the upper liner
MAC Blacktrack fluid line
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Clinique Doubling mascara ( ugh!!!! I need to get a new, and better mascara!)

MAC HK Fun and games

Rimmel Birthday Suit lipstick
MAC Nice mix up l/g

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