Morange l/s

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I wanted to try Morange again with some foundation on you know what I mean?

Just a winged liner and Morange.. I think I kind of like it. To tone down the intensity of the color a little bit, I blot my lips with tissue paper and then for a glossy look I applied Mac/ Hello Kitty Mimmy l/g

I have to get used to this bright lips hehe.. but I like it.. I think it's a nice change.. what do you guys think? Hopefully I am rocking it... becasue I do not want to return it!

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  1. Don't be a wussy!! Wear it un-blotted and without gloss!! You'll love it coz everyone will say "WOW, looks at that girls fabulous lipstick!" Heehee!! It looks beautiful hunnie, and the colour suits you so much! xx

  2. hahaha.. I know!! I need to get used to this, I've been a nude lip girl for soo long so I'm transitioning little by little hehe.. thanks sweetheart! I totally love this and next time I'm going full force with it ;-D


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