Oil Absorbing sheets review

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walgreens Absorbing Sheets

They come in so many different brands.. but all of them do the same. These sheets are design to absorb the oils in your face and the good thing is that does not smudge our make up.

I've tried 3 different brands and they have worked out to be very good.
Sephora's brand were the first ones I used, and they cost me around $10 dollars. After I finished that packet, I wanted to find a cheaper version so I found the Clean& Clear brand and they were pretty good also.

A few days ago, I finished my Clean & Clear packet and I told hubby to get me a new one. When he came home, he brought me the Walgreens brands lol..

I've been using them and they work as well as Spehora's brand and Clean and Clear so I give these, 5 stars!

I used to apply powder whenever I got oily.. since I found these, not anymore. With the powder, I ended up looking cakey and it was not pretty. With the sheets, the oil goes away and the make up still looks fine.. maybe one touch up with powder in the day.

Go get your Walgreens absorbing sheets, around $4!

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