Forgotten Fields

Monday, January 05, 2015

Hello everyone!
I hope you had an amazing Christmas(if you celebrate it) and new year's Eve.
 We were very blessed to have the opportunity to share the holidays with special
friends that happen to be living now in Orlando. Everyday that passes by,
I thank God that he allowed us to move because it has been for the best so far.

For the past few weeks, every time we visit one of our friends, we pass by this huge
field of orange trees. You can still see some trees that bear fruit, but others are all dried up.
As I am writing this, it came  to my mind that as we walk in life, around were we live, or work, 
some of us are full of life, and others aren't.

In this orange field, it is so obvious to see which one is which.
But with us, sometimes it's hard to tell who is the one all dried up inside.
Today as you go, be kind, give a smile, encourage, because you never know
who really needs it!

 Here, I am wearing this Gypsan tunic
 that I received a while ago.
The detail I love the most about it are the bell sleeves! 
But of course, you gotta love the romantic
 touches of a sweet bow and crochet too.
We were going to run errands that day, 
so I wore a simple pair of jeans and sandals.

Gypsan blouse c/o-Mossimo jeans- Forever21 bangles and rings

Have a great week!

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  1. Wild photos, I like it so much :)

  2. Love the wilderness photos. Adds the romantic touch to the outfit!

  3. gorgeous photos!

  4. great message to's something i remind my daughter of - that we never know what's going on with a person inside, so be nice! beautiful pictures and top.

  5. Unas fotos muy bonitas, además estas guapísima.

    Un beso

  6. Que linda la blusa con el detalle de los hombros al aire !! muy guapa en la propuesta.


  7. That blouse looks so good on you -
    I love the cut-outs around the shoulders.
    These pictures really make me wish that
    the snow outside will melt very soon. ;)

  8. Gorgeous blouse. Looks absolutely beautiful on you, adore the off shoulder detail. Lovely photos x

  9. These pictures are breathtakingly gorgeous! You look amazing, and I love that top <3

  10. Beautiful! The look, the pictures, everything. You are gorgeous.


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