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Friday, December 12, 2014

Old bottles and empty spaghetti jars $1-3

Hello loves!
Today I am very excited to share with you a little bit of my apartment. 
When we moved in to our new place
 almost two months ago, I was soo looking forward to 
start decorating the place and make it our own. 
For the past six years, at my old place, it was all about the modern/ contemporary style. 
I really loved it, but I wanted something different and cozier this time around. 
The idea of modern- meets -rustic came to my
 mind so little by little, my husband and I started with our decorating journey
 which included some DIY's and thrifting!

Ikea Dofta $5/Michaels scrapbook paper $.70/pine cones (free)
 Bath and Body Works candle $10

Random bottles and spaghetti jars are a
 great way to add some inexpensive decor,
and the fact that there is recycling involved it's a win win! 
I added pine cones that I got from my neighborhood, and other trinkets from Ikea
 which is very well know for it's affordable prices.

Mix print and textures to you give a layered look that adds to that lived- in and welcome feeling.
Ross has become one of my favorites stores for on the budget decor.
You can find variety and the store brings new items constantly.

Ikea Pello Chair $50

 I love throws, but I do not have one yet, using a big scarf 
is a great to way add a sophisticated whirl to your living room.

Ross Wooden Curtain rod $24

I fell in love with these window panels from West Elm
a few months back. After waiting for quite some time
they were finally on sale!
Patience is key. If you like something that is more
on the expensive side, check often, it will
eventually go on a lower price.

Target Geo Accent Pillow $17

Wal-Mart Chair Cushion $5

Go thrifting! This can be so much fun. 
We absolutely love going on thrifting adventures. 
Sometimes you can leave empty handed, but others,
 you can score beautiful pieces. 
We got these wooden chairs for free at U-haul. 
They have a green room
where people leave unwanted items in good condition. 
We painted them, added a pretty cushion, 
and voila!
Rustic Chair (free)

 Dollar Tree Cutlery and frames/ 
Michaels Chevron scrapbook paper and letters

 Oh Pinterest...how addicted I am to you! I can surely get lost there for hours.
 I love that you can find pretty much anything you want. I wanted to add  a little 
something to our dining room wall so when I saw this idea, I thought it looked pretty clever and very
 easy to do! 
Doing projects yourself not only can be cheaper,
but it adds to having your touch in the room!

Jute rope $5

I love to have fresh flowers in my living room.
To me, is an instant pick me up
 and definitely adds to that cozy look. I have to admit that having
 fresh flowers all the time can be expensive, 
so having faux ones is a great 
alternative to alternate.

Thrifted Tea pot $4

 Ross Shower Curtain $8 /Target Wall decals $13/Ikea plant $5.49
Wal-Mart Towels $3

Recycled Jars

For the bathroom, Wall decals can be a great 
way to  dress a wall and very easy to use.
 I wanted a clean look, so I also used clear containers and recycled jars
 with jute rope as a decorative touch.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post
and remember...
be creative, be crafty, be thrifty!
Happy Friday

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  1. This is amazing Sue! Creativity at its best!
    I just finished organizing on my blog-working space. It is not as good as yours, but looks better than before :D

  2. I am ADORING the mix of Walmart + West Elm. Such a good mix of stores here. That, and your pattern mixing skills are fabulous.


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