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Friday, December 05, 2014

I love to give gifts that are practical
and people can use the most.
That's why I love Bath and Body works!
I went yesterday and did half of my Christmas shopping.

With their wide selection of scents you can make
someone's home smell really good
and look beautiful at the same time...
or even make that special someone smell really
good with their signature body and bath products!

These little guys are a most have in my home. I love that the scents are subtle but still noticeable. 
My all time favorite is Mahogany Teakwood. You can't go wrong with that one in my opinion.
Bath and Body works offers beautiful Plug- ins to make these a beautiful piece of decor around the house. 

Men Deodorizing Body Spray
My husband loves them!
I think these body sprays are very practical. Just spray and go! Also, the staying power is pretty good.

This is my most purchased item! I love that with a new season there are new scents to try.
These candles last a really long time, and I burn them almost every day, for up to 2 hours.Un like other candles, these permeate the aroma around the apartment. My favorites are again Mahogany Teakwood, Sweater Weather, and Ski Lodge.
Candle tip: To avoid tunneling, make sure that the candle wax melts all the way to the corners
before blowing it out. 2 for $22

For some people this could be a boring item but when you think about it, washing our hands is
something that we do all the time! and believe me,  these soaps  are far from boring! You can even
dress them up in beautiful soap sleeves! My favorite scents are Morrocan Fig and Honey and Topaz Waters.

Signature Collection
What I love about these is that you can find the scent you love in different products.
Perfumes, mist, shower gels, creams, You name it, there is a choice for everyone!

And there is so much more!
So if you were scratching your head
this morning thinking what to get...
Think no more and stop by Bath and Body Works!

PS: The are offering free gift wrapping
with cute name tags and ribbon
for everything you buy!

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