Quick tip: Baby Wipes

Friday, April 18, 2014

As you guys know I have very sensitive acne prone skin.  With all the different make up remover wipes available in the market, the only ones I can use are from the brand Giovanni
Even though I was quite happy with these wipes since they were very gentle on my skin, the price tag and quantity each packaging brings was not all that good. I was going really fast on them.

As I was doing one of my research's online. I found out that lots of ladies were using the Huggies Baby wipes to remove their makeup. As simple as it may sound, it never crossed my mind of doing so and got pretty excited at the fact.

I went to Publix and purchased the simplest ones called Natural Care. Girls, I am hooked! These wipes are very gentle and very efficient at removing makeup! For about $6 you can get 160 wipes, yeah, 160 wipes versus 30 wipes for the same price. Also, you get to use a bigger wipe which means that with only one you can remove most of the make up!

So, yeah, that's my quick tip for today. Even if you have sensitive skin or not. Using these baby wipes for the daily cleansing routine can be budget friendly!

Happy Friday!


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