Creep me out

Thursday, August 01, 2013

I have to admit that the first time I saw a pair of creepers I was not that excited. However, as I kept looking at other bloggers rocking them in so many different ways, 
they started to grow on me!
They have this ugly-pretty look and now I can say that I really like them and own two pairs.. hehe

What do think about creepers?

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  1. I wouldn't mind something with more of a heel but overall I can't with the "moon shoe" look. I do like the ones that look like closed wedges though, I think they have more of a feminine look.

  2. I dont know something looks off abt them!
    but these girls are rocking them well... I guess it needs to have an acquired taste

  3. I'm still a little creeped! But I do quite like the 2nd last pair...kinda fun!

    Natasha ~

  4. I have creepers and honestly they really add a lot to an outfit. I love how edgy they can make a really girly look.

    xoox Debby

  5. Have them, love them and want more of them :D

  6. I love them, always have! I have a super uncomfortable pair of baby pink ones I need to somehow break in and black platform ones which I utterly adore.

  7. Too Chunky for me! Reminds me of the 90s!


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