INGLOT haul!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I finally made it to the Inglot store :-)
After counting the days, yesterday I had the chance
to finally visit it.
However, the lady that helped me was not as nice so she kind of
threw off my excitement a bit.

As I had planned, I got a 10 matte palette. 
I was lemming a 20 palette but  I thought 
the 10 palette is better for traveling.

I could not filled the palette, since they did not have
a color that I wanted so now I have to wait
2weeks to get it :(
I heard that they might bring some new colors in October
so if that is true I'll wait for that.

The shadows as many people have mention are crazy pigmented, smooth, and my fave.. easy to BLEND!
I also got the precious teal gel liner that
I've heard so many raves about.
 It is truly and amazing color!

Here are some pics and swatches!
Are you planning on getting some Inglot too?


" The bag"

I love the magnetic packaging

#87 Gel liner


I noticed I forgot a swatch! :*fail* lol
Here it is though:
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Have a great weekend 

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  1. wowzers nice color choices. I need that teal liner in my life

  2. @ Narscupcake: Thanks! Yes, you do! :)

  3. Overall, all the colors are beautiful! Can't wait to see what look you do with them.

  4. Inglot has taken over the blogoshprere! Andddd everyone is always so positive about them too. I will have to try Inglot at some point. I just wish I could see them in person though...

  5. Inglot is the best I'm glad u were finally able to haul. Sorry about not so good experience with the SA though :( u got a lot of the same colours I have :)

    Oh, and next time u go, get their dark purple gel liner too. That one and the teal one (that u also got) are my two fave gel liners

  6. lovely lovely blog :)

    defiantly following you.

    follow me if you like on...


  7. @Snooglerat: Yes! there is an Inglot mania!! lol but the rumors are true, amazing shadows!

    @Shadowy lady: yes! i want to get the purple one :)

    @Lenara: Thanks and welcome to my little world :)

  8. omg that gel liner looks divine!!! didn't know about inglot gel liners--thanks for sharing :))


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