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Friday, July 02, 2010

Mommy I just love Daddy's books!

In the playground!

The day of my birthday, we went to Brio to have dinner :-)
This would've been a nicer pic if I would've closed the purse! lol

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  1. The picture is still nice :). Lovely dress by the way, really feeling the shoes!!

  2. I SEE those SHOOOOES! I was wondering when we're gonna get a picture of you wearing them.
    They look fab and really cute with that denim coloured dress.

  3. I missed those pics :(
    Your son is awesome :) and Fintia you are ... GORGEOUS and so classy honey ;)
    Thx for sharing :)

  4. Thanks Pbunnie, I love them so much. I might get them in another color!

  5. ure boy is such a ham and u look stunning my dear! i love the heels and that jean dress looks amazing on u!


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