And she turned 29... ;-)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hi guys!
Today I turned 29!!!
I'm not sure if I can tell how I feel.. it's a weird feeling I guess.
I do not feel 29 lol
I am really blessed that God has given me the oppotunity to live 29 years, and to have a beautiful family and friends.
I've experienced lots of good things and also bad things, but hey, that's how it's supposed to be ;-)

Every stage always brings something new so I am looking forward to see what the 30's is going to bring.
for now.. I'll  enjoy my  last year in the 20's!!

Starting today!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I am both dreading and looking forward to being thirty. (I'm 28 now.) I must say, one of the things I enjoy about growing older is that I feel more confident and accepting of who I am.

    I hope you're doing something special today! You have definitely gone through a lot, and deserve to party it up!


  2. HBD darlin' :)
    Yep you're right ^^

  3. Happy birthday! :) I'm already 29 too. ;) Hope you have fun!

  4. Happy birthday, hope you have a fabulous day xx

  5. happy happy birthday! the best wishes xx

  6. Happy birthday Fintia :) Hope the following years bring more happiness in your life

  7. Happy birthday! May God bless you with many more years to come :-)

  8. Happy birthday! Hope this is your best year yet.


  9. felicidades, que te la pases de maravilla, un beso y un abrazo.

  10. Happy Birthday may God continue blessing you =) I hope you do something special with your love ones today! besos.

  11. Happy birthday! Hope you had fun :)

  12. Sending you Birthday Wishes from my desktop! And horray for many more happy, love filled years with your family.

    PS. Happy Canada Day today!

    Bunnie :)

  13. happy birthday!!! hope you have fab day!! =)

    I'm turning 29 this year too... I'm scared! we're almost at 30... hahaha... but I guess it's ok! coz I feel so much younger than I am...

    again, happy birthday! hope all your wishes come true!

  14. I greeted you already but I just have to say this: you don't look 29!:D You look so much younger!:D
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