Monday, September 16, 2013

1. Chicken and red velvet waffles.This dish was seriously amazing! We had it from a Food Truck called "Food Junkies"
2. My son walking on the tracks, exploring Downtown Kissimmee

1. I love when my husband starts acting weird and later on we end up having an amazing culinary adventure!
We had this amazing Miso Ramen also in Orlando.
2. I have been wearing this skirt lots! This was a bday present from my dad on July.

.1. This Chocolate and Peanut butter cookie. Do I have to say more? Just Nom nom :) We got it from Breck's located in Downtown Kissimmee.
2. My make up a few weeks ago.
 I wanted to wear a lavender lipstick and a smokey eye so this is
what came out! I used MAC Asian Flower and Budding Love lipsticks.

1. You know when you see a place over and over and you wonder about it. That's what happen with this place. We have been seeing it for years, and finally this past weekend we decided to gave it a visit.
The fried chicken was awesome, everything tasted so homey!
2. Details from last post. I love love this backpack. The floral print and mint background.. it is just irresistible.

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  1. The chocolate peanut butter cookie sounds/looks amazing :)

    Ria x

  2. red velvet waffles sound really interesting as i love red velvet cupcakes!!


  3. Such a cute series of photos - I love your jewelry in the last one! And the red velvet waffles look amazing :)

  4. Red velvet waffles sound heavenly! Your post is making me hungry :)

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