Review:Revlon Color Stay Whipped Foundation

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello lovelies!
Today I come with a review.
I have been using the new Revlon Color Stay foundation
 for  over 3 weeks now and I am in love with it.

I can't deny I was a bit scared about trying a new foundation
since it is a drugstore product that i can not try first.
However, the day came that I had a $5 off coupon  and Target had it on sale for $10
so I ended up paying $5.60 which was a great deal!

Before purchasing, I looked for swatches on google
and it seemed that Natural Tan was the
 best choice, and it was! 

Wearing  Revlon Whipped Foundation in Natural Tan/MUFE Duo Mat powder in 207/
MAC Love Cloud blush/MAC Cherish and Budding love lipsticks

0.8oz/23.7 ml

What I love:
The Coverage. This foundation gives a medium to full coverage and does not look cakey at all. It gives a matte look without looking too flat on the skin.

Lightweight: The whipped consistency is really lovely, does not feel heavy on the skin and a little bit goes a long way

Oil control: I can't say it controls my oils all day but it definitely keeps them at bay.

Longlasting: This foundation is supposed to last 24 hours. Of course, there is no need for me  to wear a foundation that long, but I did wore it for about 12 hours one day and it looked pretty decent at the end of the day.

What I don't love

Packaging: The jar is really heavy and bulky so you have to make sure to put it in a safe place. Not good to travel with but I guess you can always scoop out a bit of product and put it in another  smaller container.

Also, it can be a bit unsanitary the way the packaging is but what I have been doing is scooping the product with a cotton  swab to avoid touching the product with my fingers.

Scent: When I first bought, I  noticed a bit of a scent to it but nothing to overwhelming

Price: $15 for a drugstore foundation can sound a bit steep to some people, but then again if you go to the department store, Sephora etc.. all foundations start at $25 so $15 is not that bad and if you can get a hand on coupons you can always save some money like I did
Check your Sunday newspaper ladies ;)

Overall, I am in love with this foundation!
It looks lovely and it photographs amazing as well.
to apply this foundation and the results are really great.

If you've been debating on purchasing this foundation
say give it a try!

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  1. Great review! I use this foundation and love it. It's as smooth as butter and isn't cakey at all.

  2. Pretty girl!
    Thanks for the review :)

    xo Jennifer

  3. I absolutely love this foundation and I can't believe what a steal you got it for! I had a coupon that brought it from $15 to $11 and I thought that was a good deal lol.

    Boston Princess

  4. Saw the thumbnail to this post and your blush shade really caught my eye, super gorgeous on you! As for the foundation, I've been looking for something matte lately so this might be the one, wondering if you've tried the Colorstay liquid version and how it compares? (Loved the liquid version back in the day).

  5. I really enjoyed reading this review, you're so thorough and gave a lot of detail and good pros and cons :)! I've never owned foundation but it's something I'll have to look into soon!

  6. You look lovely Sue! I love this look on you!

  7. I recently got this foundation and I think it's really good. I am normally a bit hesitant towards trying new foundation because I have sensitive skin but this one worked well on my skin. I am not a big fan of the packaging too!!! It's so messy.


  8. You look gorgeous.. Love the blush

  9. Thanks for the review. I like the fact that it offers good coverage and is long lasting. The packaging is a bit of a turn off though.

    1. Yeah I know, the packaging is def a turn off lol

  10. Wow! The texture looks lovely, light and fluffy!!!
    The coverage looks great. Its a great review! Should try it out soon... :)
    I'd love to have you over at my blog. Do visit sometime doll and if you like, follow too! :)

  11. Nice!! You look so cute and pretty :)

  12. prettyyyy!! great review :) thanks for the inforation!!

  13. Great review but with or without make up, you're beautiful!!

  14. great post honey, nice makeup :P

  15. It looks fantastic :) I love how you apply makeup!

  16. lovely FOTD & great review. the only foundation i could use is mineral powder foundation due to my sensitive skin. i also don't like skincare that comes in a tub. it's really insanitary to keep dipping our fingers into the tub and i end up having to use a spatula which is not convenient at all as i have to wash it b4 & after using.


    1. I hear you, I have sensitive skin as well ;) thanks for passing by


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