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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is pretty much a random post.. about random things...
Enjoy the pics :)

This was on our way to a date night
We ended up going to Bonefish Grill 
and we had a delicious dinner.

 I was sitting close to the pool. 
It was a sunny but kind of a windy day...
I was loving it!

 Say Cheese!!!!
Hubby and I love to go this place called
The Cheese Course.
You can go there and have some really good 
cheeses and ham as a meal!
We ended up buying everything to go and had
 a delicious time at home ;)

Arm candy love
 My beloved Fossil bag. 
She is starting to look a bit beat up but
 that's ok.. 
I think that adds some charm to it

 My fave pair of jeans.. I use them a lot! haha
 I got these salmon sandals at francesca's
I'm in love with the color.

100 Montaditos!
A place that only sells spanish style sandwiches. 
Like the name says,
They have 100 different kinds of
 sandwiches in their menu.
We went on a Wednesday afternoon since
 you can get them for only $1 :)

 Gotta love this face which he calls it, 
his funny face!

Looking at my vanity I saw my color tattoo shadows
and I realized that I have them neglected.. have to do something about it!
Hope you guys are having a great week so far :)

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  1. I love your photos and your blog! You can visit my blog to pass and leave a comment and it may be the follow

  2. LOVe your blog, you are extremely talented and beautiful!! (: Thanks for your follow & comment on my blog, I am now following back! <3

    Cindy C.

  3. Love this post, I want more posts like that please. BTW thanks for making hungry lol :)

  4. Cute post...It makes me want to do random posts like these. I love your salmon sandals, this is definitely something I'd buy for myself. I've barely touched my color tattoos also. Well actually most of my makeup are just collecting dust, lol. I don't have time to pamper my face in the morning and when I get home from work, I'm mentally drained and not motivated to play with makeup.

    1. Thanks sweety, I'm glad you liked it. sorry to hear that though hopefully you can find some motivation and play!

  5. yuummy cheese :) mmmhhhhh .... I love your bracialet!

  6. Muy buen post, me han encantado las pulseritas.

    Besitos , te sigo guapa.

  7. que guapa!!! gracias por visitarme!

    Worldwide giveaway on my blog! Anne Klein watch!

  8. Nice pictures! Love the arm cndy and the heels!



  9. the fossil bag looks awesome! and the food looks delicious :D

  10. Cute bracelets!

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  11. me encantan los tacones de color rosa,el maquillaje ideal!!:)

    Tengo nuevo post en mi blog,te espero y miles de besitos desde:

  12. Love both pair of shoes so cute, Great post and your boy is such a cutie.

  13. Hello, arm candy! Loving the stacks of bracelets.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. lovely photos! the fossil bag is awesome:)
    i recently changed my username and Blogname as well, do have a look:)

  15. you look beautiful!

  16. Love your arm candy and your Fossil bag, it's gorgeous!

  17. Love all the pics! And that bag is amazing!

  18. Unas fotos muy bonitas. Las pulseras son preciosas.

  19. Thank you ladies for your awesome comments!


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