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Sunday, February 05, 2012

As you already may know MAC is coming out with a new collection: MAC Shop, Cook MAC.
Everything looks so colorful!
I am loving these products at the moment. Even though I've heard not so good reviews on the metal crushed pigments, these colors stole my heart and I might give them a chance :)
The lipstick shade is something that I do not have in ny collection so I am really tempted!!

Butterfly Party Stack
Picture credits: Temptalia
Quick Sizzle l/s

What are your thoughts on this collection?
Something stealing your little heart as well?

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  1. gorgeous! i want all the lip shades in the cook mac

  2. I got totally sucked in by the colors of that pigment set. Even if they can be a pain to apply, I'd still try to make it work, lol.

    1. i know! i'm still debating if i should do the purchase! hehe


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