Say Yes to Cucumbers!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have used cleasing wipes in the past without any sucess really. 
They all irritated my skin really bad so I kind of gave up and stop buying them.

A few weeks ago, a sweet  friend of mine ( that's right, I said sweet, if you are reading this) 
talked to me about these wipes so I felt intrigued and decided to buy a small  10 pack.

I really love that they have the right amount of moisture and a sweet cucumber smell which is very pleasant!
They are not a substitute for cleansing, but they do a pretty god job 
so after I use my soap I can feel my skin really clean.
You can find them at Target or Walgreens!

Great facts about the product:
  98% natural
Dermatologist tested
Non- irritating
Not tested on animals
  Paraben free
Non comedigenic
and CHEAP!

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