MAC Siss l/s

Thursday, December 31, 2009

MAC 2009 Warm and Cozy Collection

This is the only product I picked out from this collection. I was aiming for Comfort MSF but it was too shimmery for my taste. I am really not into shadesticks and the shadows did not excite me that much. But that's good because I am really looking forward to the collection coming in February!

I am really loving Siss l/s. Since the moment I saw the promo pic I fell in love with the beige nude lip and the tan cheeks. I was kind of torn when Comfort did not work on me but instead I got MAC's Golden refined bronzer and I am very happy with the results. Using this bronzer with Siss I feel I got a similar look to the promo pic hehe.

I paired Siss with Icescaped l/g and another combo using it with Purr l/g and it looks very pretty with both ;-).

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