Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Falling for Blushes"

MAC Peachykeen Blush

MAC Conjure up Mineralize Blush
Holiday Collection 2009

Lately I've been developing this love for blushes. I mean, I've always liked blushes
but I was more focused on eye and lip products.

These two are my faves! I got them recently and I am in love.

I got Peachykeen because I saw The Makeup Republic @ You tube use it for one her
tutorials, A bridal look. I'll be doing my first bridal make up soon so I decided to get this one. I tried it at home and fell in love. It is such a pretty color!

Next is Conjure up. This one I got it the same week this collection was released!
I heard so many good reviews about these mineralize blushes and when I swatched them, it was true. These blushes are shimmery but they have just the right amount of shimmer.

I tend to get oily during the day so having a shimmery product on my cheeks does notwork for me. I remeber the MAC Grand Duos, soo pretty, but sooo shimmery.I remember a few days later returning it, it just did not work.

However, like I said, these mineralize blushes from the Magic, Mirth and Mischief collection are perfect!
If you haven't seen them, go go go!

These are soo worth it!
I would like to get also the one called Superdupernatural!
Gorgeous peachy color ;-)

In this picture I am wearing Conjure up on my cheeks and on the lips I have MAC Captive lipstick which I found looks perfect with the blush.
On the eyes I am wearing the colors ftom the Smokey palette also from the Holiday Collection.

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  1. Conjure up looks hot! I go through kicks of things I'm digging umm I always end up with alot haha I have to mayn't blushes lippies and glosses but never enough shadows!

  2. thanks! hehe I know!! i'm like I'm gonna stop buying shadows but I can't! lol i'm starting to fill my 2nd MAC palette.. so excited ;-)

  3. got so many shadows but still seems as if they are to less got the addiction of buying more and more make up and etc love the way fintia and other lasses do thiere make up tutorials they all have alot tallent (wish i had some tallent)


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