Roadtrip: Washington DC

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

 A Christmas road trip. That's what we planned this year. On December the 23rd we put our bags in my in law's car ad we started our journey to Washington DC. We were expecting cold weather, and maybe snow...but it just didn't happened. Instead, we got a weather that remind me of what people say London is like. It was cloudy, with light rain every now and then, but still, Washington's beauty shined through!
I absolutely loved the architecture. The houses, were just beautiful as they preserved their historical movement. And of course, the buildings, monuments, and museums where just enormous, definitely a spectacle for the eyes.

On Christmas Day, we visited George Washington's mansion at Mount Vernon. The house was absolutely stunning. So many details put into that house, and the surroundings were just magical!. It was a very foggy day which in my opinion gave it a marvelous touch the whole experience.

{ Me with my inlaws, nephew and son}

We really enjoyed ourselves in DC, but now we are back in Orlando.This week we are getting the weather we wished for Christmas, so it's all good.

Happy Tuesday

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  1. I hope your trip was fabulous!

  2. Beautiful trip Sue !!!!


  3. It's so good to see you happy. I am glad I found your blog again.
    Que tengas un hermoso dia guapa,

    ❤ Johanna.

  4. beautiful captured everything well! i also love seeing the massive buildings.

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