Nail of the day

I painted my nails yesterday with a nail polish that I love from the Material Girl brand.
The name is Harlequin, and it is a beautiful teal shade with glitter.
Today I felt like practicing the leopard design  but when I finished I guess because of the color palette I used, it ended up looking more like military camouflage.
 I still loved the outcome though :)

 Nail polishes used:
Material Girl: Harlequin
Essie: Licorice
Milani: Teddy Bare

Well, the weekend is almost over so
 I wish you guys a very blessed week!

Classic Smokey+ OOTD

Thank God is Friday right!!!
Today was a relaxed day. I went with the family to
 First Watch restaurant and had a really nice brunch.
Then in the afternoon we went to  the theater to see the cartoon movie
 called The Pirates, band of misfits.
It was actually very entertaining and the kid loved it.
Tomorrow we are looking forward to go to the Air and Sea show at
 the Fort Lauderdale beach.

As you guys can see today I finally got out of the simple make up routine I was having, and that I was kind of getting used to haha.
I did a very quick brown smokey eye and added some falsies
 that I was kind of missing hehe.

NYX- Milk
UD Naked palette: Buck and Creep on lids an bottom lashline
MAC Texture above crease
MAC Vanilla as highlight and inner corners
Milani Liquifeye pencil in black
Falsies from Walmart

MAC Springshine
MAC Lovecloud

MAC Cherish
MAC Asian Flower
MAC Budding love

Forever 21 Top (old)
Forever21 bag( old)
Forever21 rhinestone bangles (Spring 2012)
Mango Black plastic bangle (old)
Macys "Else" Jeans (Spring 2012)
Jeffrey Campbell Litas

I say, let's give them a walk...

My fave booties in the whole world!
Yesterday hubby invited me to go to lunch so
I put on my Litas and gave them a nice walk..hehe :)

Bershka skinny jeans
Forever21 bag
Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Hello Lashes!

As some of you may know I've been in the hunt for the perfect mascara (s)
 to make my lashes look as good as possible for a while now.
Even though  I love wearing falsies there are times that I would like to just use my own lol.

 I have used many different brands with no success.
However, I finally found the perfect way to achieve what I wanted.
I'm still using 3 products but I think it's worth it.

In this pic I am not wearing falsies :)

This is what I am currently using:

Shiseido Nousrishing Mascara Base
I talked to you guys in another post about the Clinique primer
 but this one is by far  better!!
What I love about this product is that it goes on clear and prepares the lashes with
 the Volume, lengh, and curl.
I also read in some forums saying that they saw growth in their lashes after using this product so I do not know if it is true or not but it would be nice!

Maybelline Lash Stiletto
After I apply one coat of the primer, I do one coat of this mascara.
What I love about this one is that it really helps to separate the lashes
 and it definitely helps with the length.
The formula is moist, so it lets me build and shape the lashes.
 Loreal Voluminous Fiber lashes

Last but not least I apply 1 to 2 coats of this fiber mascara. 
What I love about it is the tiny fibers that give me more lengh and volume!
This formula is a little messy and more on the drier side so you have to work a little fast. 
But I really love the results.
It may sound like a lot but I've been doing it for weeks now and it does not take that long.
I have to say that in between coats I do comb my lashes with a clean wand.
 This prevents the lashes to clump and look unnatural.

So there you go.. I think all 3 products are really really good so if you haven't checked these mascaras...
Check them out!!

Nail of the day

Another Mani.. I used the same glitter in my previous post.
Here, on top of Milani Teddy-Bare, Ice queen gives another pretty glittery-full-fun- effect!

From left to right: Milani Teddy- Bare
Sally Hansen Ice queen


Today I went to have lunch with my friend Deb at the mall.
We had a yummy lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. 
You guys need to try their Dynamite Shrimp appetizer!!!
I also browsed a bit at different stores and then  picked up my son early so I could take him to the park.
The weather here in South Florida today was 75 degrees!
It was amazingly nice :)

Ready to go...
My make up routine has been very simple lately.
I'll come up with something more fun soon!
On my lips: MAC Up the Amp/ Budding Love/ Lavender Wind

My beloved Seychelles sandals!
I got this pair around a year ago and I just love them to pieces ;)

I stopped by the Clinique counter and my friend gave me a sample of
the new Stay matte foundation. I'm really looking forward to try this since it controls oil and it is humidity proof. Perfect for the South Florida weather :)

@ Forever21
Look at all the pretty colors!!
I had to take a picture since I loved how all those shorts looked together haha.


This thing is sooo addictive!
My username is Fintia01 if wanna follow :)


I wast watching galaxy nail tutorials last night on you tube and
 I was impressed how pretty easy it is to do.
 I didn't have a make sponge at that moment so I ended up painting my nails
 with Finger Paints Black Expressionism and Asylum flakie on top.

Today I went to Walgreens looking for some fun glitter and I stumbled across Sally Hansen Ice queen. 
This nail polish is absolutely gorgeous!
It is a sheer base with small cotton candy looking glitter and
 the silvery micro-glitter is actually holographic glitter  that reflects
 multiple colors depending on the light!

As soon as I got home I layered this nailpolish on what I already had and it kind
 of looks  like a galaxy design! 
I love how it came out.

From left to right:
 Finger Paints Asylum
Finger Paints Black Expressionism
Sally Hansen Ice queen 

Other looks that can be achieved with this glitter:


 My outfit today is something I've been envisioning for a while.
I wanted some floral pattern bottoms with a shirt that look like denim. 
I really wanted long skinny jeans,  but forever21 only had shorts so I settled for that ;).

 You gotta love Forever 21 when it comes at their prices but
sometimes this happens.. as you can see my bangle is missing some stones.

 Make up today was something simple.

Got this bag a few weeks ago and I love it so much It looks so girly!

 Lunch was awesome!

I realized I hit pan on my Shiseido powder
Today was really sunny and windy unlike yesterday :)

Sunday is almost gone, I hope you guys have a great week!

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