Playing dress up...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

 Tonight we might go to dinner since today's
 is my hubby's bday!
This is what I am going to be possibly wearing...
My trusted Litas, a tribal skirt I found 
for just $10 at Charlotte Russe,
and of course I had to add 
my beloved Minty purse from forever21.
I'm still debating which top to use :)

 These are the accessories I'll probably wear.
Today as I was browsing at Beya store
 I found this Cross bracelet!
I was so so excited since I've been wanting one
 for the longest and it seemed only available online.

 I got this Black Rhinestone bracelet
 today at Charlotte Russe since it was on sale
 for less than $2!
What a bargain huh?


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  1. I love everything! So cute!!

  2. love all the items dear!! thanks so much for visit my blog!!

  3. Love the colors of the skirt and the bracelets are so cute!


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