ELF Contouring and Blush powder compact

Monday, March 12, 2012

Today I picked up ELF's Contouring and Blush compact and I have to say that this is what I wanted
 NARS Duo compact to be. A few weeks back, I went to Sephora thinking of buying the NARS duo compact but when I saw the shimmer fest that the bronzer and blush had I got disapointed lol.
Shimmer can be pretty, don't get me wrong,but since I have oily skin I really do not need that much glow!

What I like about ELF's compact is that the powders are not matte but they are not super shimmery, and of course I do like that it has that NARS feeling because of the packaging which by the way is pretty sturdy.
 and comes with a pretty big mirror.
For the price tag of $3, the quality is pretty good!

Here are some pics:

Wearing it today


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  1. elf es hermoso, economico y bueno! me gusta mucho esa marca.


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