MAC Peacocky!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wearing Dandizette e/s

I got so excited when I heard about MAC's Peacocky collection.
The peacock feather is something that I have always loved and when I saw the promo pic I just fell in love.
It really caught my attention all of the colorful colors and limited edition liquid lipsticks!!!

I was the 1st one that bought from the collection the day it launched at my counter lol.
I ended getting Dandizette e/s,Paparaz-she e/s
and Scandelicious kissable lip color which is amazing!!
Both of these shadows are very pigmented and smooth and the application is a dream.
I wanted to get more but I couldn't although I would love to get more in a near future.
My other faves in the collection are:
Odalisque e/s
Sexpectations e/s
Exxhibitionist lip color
The pictures came out a little dark.. sowy!
MAC  Dandizzete e/s and  MAC Texture e/s
Lips: CLINIQUE A different grape l/s

Have a great week guys!

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  1. u look amazing as always! Dandizette seems like an awesome shade

  2. Absolutely stunning. You just look beautiful, and those colours work so perfectly on your colouring. You should be the model for MAC's collection!


  3. me gustan son muy elegntes .


  4. @ Beauty Spot: Thanks sweety!
    @ dreams that glitter: You are too sweet, thanks!
    @Lucy: Hola corazon! muchas gracias
    @Tanisa: Thanks! Glad u liked ;-)
    @The dollymix: Thanks so much!
    @Cosmetic Viking: Thanks!!!
    @Glamorous Glory: Thanks dear ;-)

  5. Wowey what a sexy look! I haven't had time to see this collection in person yet but maybe I will go tomorrow since I have some B2M things to bring in as well. The kissable lipcolours look beauuuuuutiful (but as the argument always goes) I really don't need another lip-product. LOL

  6. hahaha PBunnie!! well yeah, go and see!!!!

  7. sue you are really talented...i think you should also write the steps in to have a make-up like yours :) so we will know how to get it!kisses


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