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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Very busy with crazy holiday hours... but I am still here ;-)
Here is a quick FOTD..
sorry but I do not remeber what I used!!
I know!! BAD!!!
Happy Holidays!! Christmas is close!!!

What I remember..
Matte black shadow
MAC Hepcat e/s
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s
MAC Vanilla e/s
MAC Smolder pencil
MAC Conjure up bp
MAC Up the Amp l/s
MAC Via Veneto l/g

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  1. lovely look!! i know i have beeen missing for a while as well where do u work?

  2. Hi! thanks, I work for Clinique

  3. Sue you look lovely! I like the purplely tones on you & love the lippie xx

  4. Wow!
    You look like Stunning Spanish dancer , i really love this look .

  5. I love your looks, they always turn out so pretty!

  6. This is so stunning! I would love to know the color placement!

  7. You are really beautiful I love this look, heck I love all your looks !

    Follow me ?


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